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Administrators of the website will be responsible for providing accurate information, but the website may contain some foresight statements about Pillar' current businesses. Those statements can be expressed as "will", "possible" and "likely". Those can reflect Pillar currently hold views about future incidents only, but we will not make promises or guarantees for its accuracy, effectiveness and completeness, in addition we will not undertake any responsibility to users who rely on information provided by the website.


Xi'an Pillar reserves the right to correct, modify and update this notice at any time.

Copyright notice

Xi'an Pillar independently owns the copyright of all the information in the relevant webpages of the website, or together with the information providers in the relevant webpages of the website. Without the clear written permission of the company, no one can copy or mirror any content on the website to non Pillar's servers.


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Protection of users' privacy

We respect the privacy of the majority of users, we will not collect user data without permission. We will make promises not to provide the e-mail, information and address of users to any third party without permission.


Xi'an Pillar will not publish or disseminate any information filled and registered by users, except in the following cases:


1.Obtain an explict authorization from the users in advance.


2. In accordance with the requirements of the courts, the referees or rulings of the arbitral institutions and other judicial procedures.


3. In accordance with the requirements of relevant government authorities.


4.Users who violate those clauses or damage Pillar's interests.


5.Other relvant laws and regulations.

Trademark and domain name statement

All logo and word marks used by the company's website (www.pillarbio.com) are registered trademarks or trademarks of Xi'an Pillar in China or other countries. No company or individual may use the above trademarks in any way without the written authorization.


The domain name of www.pillarbio.com is owned by Xi'an Pillar. No company or individual may use the above trademarks in any way without the written authorization.

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If you want to link to the website, please contact us. Linking to the website can be completed after obtaining the written permission. 


After creating a link, the company has the right to cancel the link if it is improper.


Be sure to use text links when linking to the site. Linking to this site is to be set to another open window display, which cannot be displayed within the framework.

Links to this websites

Sites, which is not linked to Pillar's website, is not under the management of Pillar company. The company will not accept any liability for any damage caused by accessing other sites through the website. Please follow relevant laws and regulations when linked to sites.


Xi'an Pillar only provides convenient access to other sites, that does not mean it highly recommended its use, goods and services, it does not mean that special relationships between Pillar and linked companies and individuals. Pillar will not approval or undertake responsibilities of the contents or use by other sites.


Exceptions for maintenance: Xi'an Pillar needs to make regular or irregular downtime to maintain the platform, so the normal service interruption caused by the situation should be understood by users. We have rights to modify and interrupt network services and will not be responsible for users and the third party.


Exceptions for technical failures: The information transmission of telecommunication units such as Internet access unit, platform support unit, mobile operator and other telecommunication units is abnormal;Abnormal network services caused by force majeure;This platform does not bear legal liability because of the abnormal and interruption of network services caused by hacking, Internet virus and government control.


Other exceptions proposed by laws and regulations.

The applicable jurisdiction of the law

Any dispute or dispute relating to the declaration of this website and website shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. Any dispute relating to the declaration of this website and website shall be governed by a people's court with jurisdiction. If the amendment of the laws of the People's Republic of China makes any of these provisions illegal, the parties will agree to amend the above terms by Xi'an Pillar.


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